Scenic Design

A Midsummer Night's Dream (film project) 2012 - Opening Scene

POV-Twilight-Running girl sees sentry through branches, stops short.
Reverse on girl-she veers left out of frame. Branches revealed to be hedge; man chasing in distance.
Dolly back, pan left ahead of chase. Boy and girl laughing-later revealed to be Hermia and Lysander. Village below.
As lovers disappear over hill, crane up and zoom in on villa balcony (long lens).
A romantic couple on the balcony-Theseus and Hyppolita. Zoom in on Theseus.
”Now, fair Hyppolita, our nuptial hour draws on apace.”
Reverse on Hyppolita under guard.
Theseus addresses the Philostrate. Preparations for wedding underway.
Reverse MWS-pan left and down with Theseus- “Hyppolita, I wooed thee with my sword...”
Theseus facing villa with statue
Low angle reverse (wide lens) of Thesus and hermaphroditic statue- “...but I will wed thee in another key...”
Reflection of statue in pool below; glint of fish in torchlight.
Cut to reflection of Theseus and Hyppolita in throne room; glint of floor in torchlight.
Egeus enters frame- “Full of vexation come I...”
Reverse of royal couple.
HIgh angle-Egeus pleads his case-Demetrius to his left, Lysander to his right, Hermia behind. Villa exterior visible in background.
“Stand forth, Demetrius.”
“Stand forth, Lysander.”
“With faining voice verses of faining love...”
The Royal couple bemused.
Egeus turns to Hermia mid-story.
Low angle-”With cunning hast thou filched my daughter’s heart.”
CU Egeus “And turned her obedience, which was due me, to stubborn harshness.”
“I beg the ancient privilege of Athens.”